Garena Free Fire New Event: Diwali Special Free Reward 2020

 Free Fire New Event Diwali Wish All Rare Items Is Available In This Event

Free Fire New Event Diwali Wish

Garena Free Fire features a filled November 2020 with a plethora of events and every one of the players are very proud of these events. The events are so good that recently there was a server crash in Free Fire thanks to the extensive load of active users. Diwali Wish event is additionally one such event in Garena Free Fire that now survives Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire has been frequently organizing such events where all players can claim skins and more rewards for free of charge Garena Free Fire. Some events need Diamonds to be top-up but Free Fire has launching this event frequently free, where we will claim some premiere guns skins at a really low cost of Free Fire Diamonds.

Garena Free Fire Diwali Wish Event

Garena Free Fire Diwali wish may be a new event that has gone sleep in Grena Free Fire, from 13th to 19th November 2020.

free fire new evet

This event will offer some Incredible bundles like Arctic Bundle, Zombified samurai, Magical Fox Bundle, Crimson Red Bundle, Tempered Well Bundle, and therefore the Street Bundle. Some amazing gun skins like M1887-Rapper Underworld, M1887-Tropical Parrot, and MP40-Mechanical, Dragon AK47 Gun Skin, Cupid Scar Gun Skin, M-60 Spirted Dverseers, Great Plunder Groza Gun Skin, And More Rare Guns Skin.

Rules of the Free Fire Diwali Wish Event

There are categories of prizes: Bundle or Gun Skin.

Spend Free Fire In-game diamonds to form a basic wish and Premium draw a prize from the whole prize pool within that category below. The categories are Basic and included Premium Prizes.

Make a Premium Free Fire Diwali wish or Basic Wish and draw a Prize from the category. A permanent Gun skin or bundle sort of a breakdancer is Guaranteed from Premium Wish and each bundle you bought in your Free Fire Wallet.

Check the Prize pool of every category below on the hand glass beside the category title.

Make your first Basic or Premium wish of each at a 50% discount.

I hope you understand guys thanks for the visit

I hope you understand guys thanks for the visit 

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