Free Fire New Christmas Event Full Guide, Free Pan Skin, And Weapon Royal Voucher

Yesterday, Garena Free Fire India put up a post on Instagram announcing that they have something special coming up in the Free Fire game for Christmas. The post read ‘Dear Survivors, Winter is coming to Garena Free Fire! And it is bringing along some really cool and fun things your way!’.

Free Fire New Event
Garena Free Fire Winter Event

Free Fire While this may indicate another event going live on (Winter) Christmas day since the post there has been a small update to Garena Free Fire which brought in the XMAS day celebrations event to the free fire game. The event features multiple rewards like, Pan skin, Weapon royal voucher, Grande, up for grabs for completing missions in the free fire game including Booyah in BR 0/1 times which gets you Pan – Winterland 2020.  

All You Need To Know: Free Fire Winter Event Reward?

Free Fire Winter

3 Winterlands MP40 Weapon Loot Crates. Each crate can be opened to receive a random weapon skin from the Winterlands set. The second mission is to get a Booyah in BR one time which gets you the festive Winterland 2020 pan. The third reward is 10 Weapon Royale vouchers which expire on 31st January 2021, so make sure to claim it soon. This mission requires the players to get 3 Booyahs in BR. 

  • Reward List
  1. Winterland MP4 Weapon Loot Crates x3
  2. Winterland Pan Skin 2020
  3. 10 Weapon Royal Voucher

What is BR Mode in Free Fire?

A lot of players seem to be confused with what BR means. BR is short for Battle Royale, which is the classic game mode in Free Fire. Players can play BR on Bermuda and Kalahari in modes like classic and clash squad and more. 

Free Fire Mode

Free Fire BR or Battle Royale is an online multiplayer game that drops many players, who start with no guns, ammo, and items, onto a map. They must down all the other enemies while avoiding stepping outside a safe zone area which is also called the play zone or blue circle, with the winner being the last player or team alive. The BR genre was popularised by a Japanese movie of the same name and turned into a game by many developers. Like Garena Free Fire, PUBG Mobile is another example of a BR or Battle Royale game. 

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