Free Fire New February Upcoming Update And Event Full Detail

All About You Need To Know: Free Fire Upcoming Event And Update February 2021

Free Fire is a very popular battle royale game and 500M players want to know all the upcoming events. Players can know about these events beforehand and plan to use the in-game currency accordingly in the events. Today in this article, we will be covering the upcoming February event leaks in Free Fire.

#1 Free Fire Chrono Surfboard Event

Free Fire
Free Fire New Event

Chrono is one of the main highlights of the ongoing Free Fire × CR7 collaboration event. The character is inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is also now the Global Ambassador of Free Fire Chrono Surfboard Event.

  • Just login and clime the Chrono them Surfboard

Free Fire Chrono event is a bounty hunter from another universe. He happens to be from a different world perceived as being immensely futuristic by the Earth-ians. A world where high tech gadgets and vehicles, vibrant outfits, and chromatic neon colors are a usual spectacle to the eyes.

#2 Free Fire February Season 32 Elite Pass Bundle

Free Fire Next Elite Pass
Free Fire Necromancer Male Bundle

Free Fire Next Elite Pass Female Bundle
Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass Female Bundle

The Season 32 Elite Pass of Free Fire was not that well received. The game wasn’t that popular back then, with only a tiny fraction of the current player base. That’s why hardly anyone bought this pass – and because of that, the Necromancer Male And Female bundles of the pass has become the rarest costume in Free Fire Season 32 Elite Pass.

#3 Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass Male And Female Bundle

Free Fire Upcoming Elite Pass Bundles
Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass Male Bundle

Free Fire Season 33 Bundles
Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass Female Bundle

Season 33’s Elite Pass in Free Fire has come to an end, and a new Elite Pass has begun after its conclusion. The purchasing options for the new Season 33 Elite Pass and Elite Bundle are now open, and players can buy them by spending 499 and 999 diamonds, after coming in-game.

#4 Free Fire Upcoming February Event Calendar

Free Fire Upcoming Event
Free Fire February Event Calendar

Ther are some upcoming Free Fire event mention bellow image, new fist skin, new surfboard, new mask, new guns skin G18, Parafal, new emote, new incubator, new web event, and new bundle, And more,

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