How to get free diamond in Free Fire Booyah App Guide

Free Fire

So friends in this article today I will tell you how you can earn the free diamond of Free Fire by watching the live stream in the booyah app in an absolutely easy way friends you do not have to do anything you have to open the free fire game their friends you banner You will get to see the same banner as we have given in the image below you will get to see inside your Free Fire game you have to download the booyah app after clicking that banner and what to do next. I tell you below in the post.

Step 1 Download Booyah App On Your Mobile

First of all friends, you have to download the Booyah app. If you have an already Booyah app, then it doesn’t matter if you can open it directly. then you will download Booyah from the Play Store and after downloading friends have to open it. 

Step 2 Now Open App And Sing Up

Free Fire

After downloading and opening the Booyah app you have to sign up. You have to sign up with your Facebook ID which is connected to your Free Fire, then you can sign up here with your Facebook ID or your Google ID.

Step 3 Watch Any Live Stream And Get Free Reward In Free Fire 

Watch and win

You have also downloaded your Booyah app, you have signed in to the Booyah app, so friends now you have watch any live stream or any video clip here, you have to watch the Booyah app then friends you watch any video for 10 minutes If friends you will get to see a drop then you have to open that drop and from that drop friends, you can get any item gift that you will get to see directly in your Free Fire wallet. Friends you can also get a free diamond here you can also get a gun skin  create so here you can get anything. 

Booyah App Give You Daily Free Diamond And More Reward

Everyday events from the Booyah app keep going so friends if you watch any video or any live stream of the Booyah app every day for 10 minutes or 20 minutes then I guarantee you get a drop you have to open it and whatever item you will see inside the drop you will get the item directly in your Free Fire game wallet here friends you can also get lots of diamonds for free and booyah tickets too. If you can find the Booyah app that is the best to get a free reward for Free Fire then I hope friends must have liked this article today. If you want information about Free Fire then you can visit our blog daily. 

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