Top 5 Best MP40 Gun Skin In Free Fire: Now Available In Store


Free Fire MP40

In this article today we will talk about the best MP40 gun skin of Free Fire which is present in the free-fire gift store from where anyone can buy it. So I will tell you the top 5 best MP40 guns skin in Free Fire in this article. Which is very good and more powerful.

List of all top 5 best MP40 guns skin in Free Fire

#1 New Year MP40

So let’s talk about New Year MP40 friends. In this mp40 you will get Damage + + and its magazine will also get you + and friends. It’s a bad thing that its accuracy is – because of being friends. The bullet can move a bit here and there it’s magazine which is a + so friends will have a little more bullets in your gun than others ‘guns then it will be an advantage to you and friends inside this gun you get damage ++ then others’ gun. The damage will be more from your gun than.

New Year MP40
New Year MP40

#2 Lightning Strike MP40

In the Lightning Strike Mp40, you get Damage +, and here it has reloaded speed which is – and it’s a magazine which you get ++ which is a very big advantage.Your gun will have more bullets inside the gun than others and its damage Because of being friends if you shoot, your damage will also be more than the gun of others its minus point is that friends its reload speed is a little less then it takes a little time to take reload.

Free Fire
Lightning Strike MP40
DamageMagazineReload Speed

#3 Winterlands MP40

Winterlands MP40 is Rate of fire ++. This means that your gun will have a higher firing speed than other guns and its accuracy – so some of your bullets can go around but its biggest point is its rate of ++ Because of being plus point friends if you shoot anyone then the speed of your firing will be very high.

Free Fire
Winterlands MP40
Rate of fireAccuracy

#4 Sneaky Clown MP0

Sneaky Clown MP0 has a rate of fire + and its range – so because of that it cannot hit much farther than other mp40 and its magazine is ++ so it will have a little more bullet than the other mp40. 

Free Fire
Sneaky Clown MP0
Rate of fireRangeMagazine

#5 Mechanical MP40

Mechanical MP40 you will get damage ++ and its range is also + and its reload speed is – because of its damage + +, it will get more damage from than other mp40.

Free Fire
Mechanical MP40
DamageRangeReload Speed

It’s this top 5 best MP40 guns skin in Free Fire this all MP40 now available in Free Fire Store so anyone can buy this gun’s skin in-game store. So I hope you like guys thanks for the visit.

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