Free Fire all new update and event in February 2021 – New discount event

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games on the Android and IOS platforms. Its immense growth can be attributed to the developers, who frequently introduce new updates new events, and new features to the game with regular updates.

Free Fire New Update And Event – February 2021 Listed Here

> Free Fire New Discount Event

Free Fire New Discount event
Discount event

Free Fire new discount event coming in this event comes with new male and female costumes and a gloo wall skin and a emote and a pan skin and many more reward discount up to 99% of for all player if you are lucky so you get a 99% discount this web event started to some server and it’s coming soon to another server shortly.

> Free Fire New Cobra Spin Event Brazil 2021

Free Fire New Event
Cobra Spin Event Brazil

> Free Fire New Female Character Elza Banner

Free Fire New Female Character
New Character Elza

> Free Fire Character Sveer Banner Leak

Free Fire New Character
New Character Sveer

> Free Fire Cobra  Event All Items

Free Fire Cobra Event
Cobra All Items
#1 Legendary Backpack Skin

Free Fire New Event
New Cobra Backpack Event

Reload Event – Legendary Cobra Event with a backpack from our new launch as the main reward for reloading Diamonds. Reload: 1 Diamond – 3x Ticket Weapon 500 Diamonds – Backpack – Snake Day

#2 Weapon Royale Thompson And AWM

Free Fire New Event
New Thompson And AWM Guns Skin

Choose Royale New Choose Royale! Main rewards: _Thompson – Lucky Koi AWM – Lucky Koi

#3 New Gold Royale And Diamond Royale

Free Fire New Updates
Free Fire Next Gold Royale

Free Fire Next Gold Royale New Gold Royale! Main reward: Roman Emperor Pack February 2021

#4 Free Fire Next Diamond Royale

Free Fire New Luck Royale Update
New Diamond Royale Bundle

Diamond Royale New Diamond Royale! Main reward: _Harajuku Package

#5 Free Fire February Top Up event 

Free Fire New Top Up Event
New Top Up Event

FEBRUARY 3 Top Up Event – Vera ° Mohawk event as the main reward for recharging Diamonds. Reload: 1 Diamond – 3x Dino Egg Box 300 Diamonds – Male Mohawk

#6 Free Fire New Web Event New Bundle Dr. Acougueiro

Free Fire New Web Event
New Web Event

FEBRUARY 2 Web Event – Bullseye Diamond event to earn rewards. Main reward: _ Dr. Acougueiro package

#7 Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass 

Free Fire New Update
Free Fire Season 33 Elite Pass

FEBRUARY 1 New Elite Pass – Legends of Fuji The main skins are Onimaru Pack and Irezumi Pack

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