Garena Free Fire Upcoming Male And Female Costumes – February 2021

Free Fire has an extensive range of exclusive bundles and costumes. Although they are only for aesthetic purposes, many users desire them to customize the visual aspect of the game to a certain extent. In this post, I’m going to show you some upcoming Free Fire bundles and costumes for males and females mention below in this article.

Free Fire upcoming male and female bundles and costumes 2021

> Free Fire Agent Cobra Costumes

Free Fire Agent Cobra Bundles
Agent Cobra Bundle

> Free Fire Detective Cobra Female Costumes

Free Fire Detective Cobra Bundle
Detective Cobra Bundle

> Free Fire Anglic Molec Costumes

Free Fire Angelic Molec Bundle
Anglic Molec Bundle

> Free Fire Anglic Guria Costumes

Free Fire Anglic Guria Bundle
Anglic Guria Bundle

> Free Fire Prince Charming Costumes

Free Fire Prince Charming
Prince Charming Bundle

> Free Fire Princess Gum Costumes

Free Fire Princess Gum Bundle
Princess Gum Bundle

> Free Fire The Countess Costumes

Free Fire The Countess Bundle
The Countess Bundle

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