Download GTA 5 Apk For Android In 2021

Now you can enjoy GTA 5 Android which has most of the GTA 5 game features like Gta 5 cars and character. This is a fan-made GTA 5 Android game app that is easy to install and work,s almost all Android devices. Once again I am telling you that GTA 5 is not officially released on any of the Android markets, there are many GTA 5 Mods available but not the real game is on, so install GTA 5 Android Apk on your Android device and have fun with your favorite game GTA 5 on your Android.

Download GTA 5 Android APK in 2021

GTA 5 Android Download 2021
GTA 5 Android

You may know GTA 5 is not officially launched for Android devices yet, but most of the GTA 5 lovers want to play GTA 5 on Android devices. So I have good news, here we are back with a new GTA 5 Apk for Android in 2021, actually, this is a GTA 5 beta Android Apk, and it’s only 450MB size. Now you can enjoy GTA 5 Android mobile and you can feel the real fun of GTA 5 on your Android. So stay with us and install and download GTA 5 on Android devices in 2021.

Requirements to Play GTA 5 apk on Android 2021

GTA 5 Android Download

Gta v on android

GTA V Android will not work on any normal Android phone. You must need a good performance phone running on Android OS and 2GB ram to play this game on it. First of all, you have to download GTA 5 Android Apk on your device and then follow our tutorial to setup GTA V Apk on your smartphone. The first and main required thing is an Android phone with Good Performance. After it download below provided GTA 5 Apk. Here is the list of all required files to install GTA 5 on Android:

Features of GTA 5 Android

  • There are High-Quality Ultra HD Graphics.
  • There is good control of the Player over the Game.
  • All the Game Characters, Cars, Designs are awesome and look as real.
  • There is an awesome Vehicle driving control, it is far better than any other GTA game.
  • It has lots of interesting Missions, you will get more interested in the next one whenever any mission gets completed.

Now Download GTA 5 On Android In 2021

This is GTA 5 Android beta 0.9 Apk Mediafire direct link 
Download click here

1) At first, install the GTA 5 Apk file which you have downloaded from above.

If you has never installed any Apk file on your phone then you should allow installation of apps form unknown sources. For allowing this Go to Settings >> Security >> Tick mark on Unknown Sources option.

About GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto or GTA is a name that almost everyone knows in the world of gaming. GTA 5 was developed by the game developer company Rockstar Games North. The game was published under the name of Rockstar Games. The gaming environment created by this company changed the gaming perspective. Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest arrival in this popular game series after GTA 4 that was launched in the year 2008. The basic theme of this game is to work as a criminal in a virtual state with different partners that are embedded with the running storyline. The virtual state that is included in GTA 5 Android is the imitation of Southern California. The whole story revolves around three criminals in different cities.

FAQs regarding GTA 5 APK for Android

Q1) How To Download GTA 5 In Mobile?

A1) We have provided GTA 5 Android download links above, feel free to download according to your device.

Q3) Where Do I Get GTA 5 APK? For My Android?

A3) We have provided the download link above, check it out.

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