Free Fire New Update OB27 New Gloo Wall Skin And Incubator April 2021

Free Fire Santhimendez FF, has leaked all the new upcoming skins that are set to arrive in the game with the upcoming update OB27.

According to the latest updates, Free Fire is going to release the Free Fire OB27 Update in June 2021. Free Fire OB27 Update Advance Server Download Link will be available 2 weeks before the OB27 Free Fire update release date.

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Free Fire new upcoming updates April 2021

Free Fire-new items new loot box, new katana skin, new parachute, new surfboard, new car skin, new green gloo wall skin, new backpack skin, new male and female bundles, and new M500 gun skin coming in April 2021 new update.

Free Fire New Updates
Free Fire new upcoming items

Free Fire OB27 update, which was released in early April, was a tremendous success, bringing features such as the Dynamic Duo and the Revamped Training Ground to the game.

Free Fire New Upcoming Incubator April 2021

Free Fire New Incubator 2021
Free Fire April 2021 Incubator

To claim yourself a new Incubator Costumes, you must spin the Incubator and obtain a blueprint and evolution stone. The new bundles have gone online since April 2021. A single spin costs are almost 60 Diamonds, plus, you can use one Incubator Voucher as an alternative. There’s you can also try a 5 spin bundle for 240 Diamonds, and you will save also 60 Diamonds.

List Of All New Upcoming OB27 Update

1;) Free Fire New OB27 Gloo Wall Skin. 

New OB27 Update 5 New Gloo Wall Skin Are Coming In Game See The Image Below This Images By Nord Textura On Instagram.

Free Fire OB27 Update
Upcoming Gloo Wall Skin

2;) Free Fire New Upcoming Graned Skin

OB27 Update Graned
OB27 Graned Skin

3;) Free Fire OB27 Update New Weapon Skin, All New Gun Skin Mention Bellow Image See The Image

Upcoming Gun Skin
Upcoming Gun Skin

4;) Free Fire OB27 New Male And Female Costume

OB27 Update
New Upcoming Costume

5;) Free Fire New Gloo Wall Skin In 2021

Free Fire Gloo Wall Skin
New Gloo Wall Skin In 2021

Garena Free Fire Release A New Gloo Wall Skin It’s Coming In-Game April 2021 And This Gloo Wall Skin Look Is So Good And I Also Like This Skin.

Free Fire OB27 Update: Get the latest update of Free Fire OB27 Update Release Date, Advance Server, Patch Notes at FFDATAMINER.IN | Free Fire OB27 Update is going to release in June 2021.

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