All you need to know about Free Fire weekly event calander May, 2021

This week is insane Free Fire new event and updates 2021 !! The FFCP, Verified Insignia has already reopened, and to close, we are going to get News of the Week!

List of all new upcoming events and updates in Free Fire May, 2021

In this post list of all new event and updates on this week May 2021.

Free Fire Next Diamond Royale Bundle?

Diamond Royale
This Is The Next Diamond Royale Bundle Image

All Servers This Couple Will Be Diamond Royale, On the Brazilian Server the male version will come by Luck Royale and Very Likely of the Female I came as Diamond Royale (Most of the Couples of Skins that was supposed to be diamond royale and separated by web event or luck royale) . it’s my boys, another female diamond royale

 New Web Event-MAY 10TH

New Web Event
New Web Event

 Web Event – Collectors’ Party

 Use diamonds and spin to get rewards from different prize groups.

 Main rewards:

  _Katana- Tsunami

  _Jeep- Summer Heat

  _Bandana Roar

  _Gel Wall- Cobra Initiative

  _Emote Cobra Strike

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Free Fire New Top-up MAY 11

New Emote
New Emote 2021

 Top-up Event – Emote Reverence

 Event with Emote Reverence as the main reward for reloading diamonds.


 1 Diamond – 3x Florida Box

 500 Diamonds – Emote Reverence

 Free Fire New Luck Royale MAY 12

New Luck Royale Bundle
New Luck Royale Bundle

 Luck Royale – Fire Cowboy Pack

 New Choose Royale.

 Main Reward:

  _Fire Cowboy Pack

Already discards the male as a diamond royale, but the female still has a chance because there was a bundle there that the male was luck royale and the female diamond

Web Event MAY 14

New Web Event 2021
New Web Event May 14

 Web Event – Master Showcase

 Complete missions to unlock badges and receive rewards.

 Main Reward:

 _Paraquedas- World Cup 2021

 Web Event – Discount Gemado

 Players will earn a discount based on the gem balance, and the discount can be used to purchase prizes. The smaller the diamond balance, the greater the discount.

 Main Reward:

 _Riot Pack

New Web Event 15TH MAY

 Web Event – Cumulative Slaughter

 Accumulate kills to get rewards *!

 _20 kills: Gold Ticket

 _40 kills: Weapon Ticket

 _60 kills: Granada – World 2021

 * We must have more prizes in this event and we will inform you soon!

Free Fire New Top-up Event

Top-up Event
New Top-up Event

 By Top-up 300 diamonds or more you can choose one of these 3 rewards:

  _Taco Knockout Night

  _Katana- Booyah skull!

  _FFCS Apprentice Board

 Top-up 300 more diamonds will not let you choose another reward.

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So guys I hope you like this Weekly Event Calendar ^^ Visiting again for more updates about Garena Free Fire

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