Free Fire Upcoming New Event Calendar July, 2021

Garena Free Fire is known for releasing a lot of new events every day to give players free rewards and new character and new in-game items. Just like event new top up event new character coming in-game, there will a lot of Garena Free Fire upcoming events 2021 for players enjoy game.


Free Fire Event Calendar

*JULY 13*

*Web Event – Discount of the Eight*

Use diamonds to win all 8 prizes! The player will receive a random discount after each draw, this discount will be used in the next draw.

Main reward:

 _MC Glow package


*Incubator – Ninjas*

New Incubator with Ninja skins!

 _Static Silence Package

 _Stealth Flame Package

 _Lethal Chill Package

 _Silent Storm Package

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*Reload Event – Project – Ninjas*

Project Event – Ninjas, Cat’s Eye and Evolution Stone as major rewards for diamond recharge.


1 Diamond – Project – Ninjas

500 Diamonds – Cat’s Eye + ´╗┐Evolution Stone

800 Diamonds – Cat’s Eye ´╗┐+ 5x Purple Star Box

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*JULY 15*

*Street Fighter V Box*

New box available in the store with the main rewards:

 *_MP5- Helicopter Kick*

 _Chun-Li package

 _Gel-Chun-Li wall

 _Sports Car- Street Fighter

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*Royal Weapon – Ninjas*

New Incubator-themed Arma Royale!

Main reward:


*JULY 16*

*Web Event – Yolked Discount*

Players will earn a discount based on the gem balance, and the discount can be used to buy prizes. The smaller the diamond balance, the greater the discount.

Main rewards:

 *_Tech Style Package*

 _Dino of Lights

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*JULY 17*

*Recharge Event – Glow*

Glow themed event and diamond recharge rewards.


1 Diamond – Love Glow Loot Box

500 Diamonds – MC Glow Backpack

*Choose Royal*

New Choice Royale.

Main rewards:

 *_Mano Pharaoh package*

 *_Energy Totem Pack*

 _MP5 – Vampire

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