Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration, free gun skin, free car skin, new event 2021

The developers of Free Fire frequently introduce in-game events McLaren collaboration that give players the opportunity to get free rewards in-game.

Free Fire is known for releasing a lot of new events every day to give players free rewards and new character and new in-game items. Just like event Free Fire X McLaren Collaboration free car skin, free gun skin, free Monster Truck skin, and many more free rewards obtain in this event.

Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration free rewards

Free Fire McLaren

Free Fire x McLaren Collaboration event now player obtain free rewards in-game like, free car skin, free gun skin, and more.

Free Fire McLaren

In this event you will get available to obtain free car skin and free gun skin and a free bundle costumes and more Reward like weapon royale voucher, diamond royale voucher.

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How to get free rewards?

If you travel 7500m in-game so you will get a free bundle costumes pack.

And you need to get free gun skin so you will be playing free fire 125 minutes and get claim free gun skin.

Now login 7 day and get free Monster Truck skin.

Final word

Thanks you for visiting us our blog and also come back again for more information about the Garena Free Fire new update and event.

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