Free Fire New Upcoming Event Calendar In September 2021 – Check out

There are numerous exclusive and enticing in-game event and cosmetics available in Free Fire on this week, which users can obtain via various methods using diamond and completing mission. Events have emerged as among the best options to get such items at free of cost.

Periodically, the Free Fire developers introduce new events, and presently the ones related to the 4th anniversary are going on. In a recent development, Knight Clown, a prominent ff data miner, has leaked the upcoming events that are supposed to take place in September 2021.

Free Fire New Upcoming Event Calendar In September 2021

September Event Calendar
Free Fire New Event Calendar

#1 New Luck Royale

In this week a luck royale bundle is coming soon.

#2 New Top Up Event

New top up event is coming soon and in this top up event you will be able to get a Katana skin and a backpack skin and weapons royale voucher.

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#3 New Web Event

A new web event is coming in game in this web event you got a tiger bundle and many more rewards.

#4 110% Diamond Discount

110% diamond discount is coming to our game very shortly this event ia now available some server and it’s also come to other server.

#5 Moco event

Elite Moco event is available in all servers and in this event you will be get a free pen skin, free bike skin, and a lootbox skin.

Players will be able to get a variety of rewards due to participating in each of the events time period. They can find things such as a free pan skin, a free vehicle skin, and other items by looking at the leaked calendar itself.

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