Garena Free Fire New Upcoming Famous Evo Gun Skin Sonrisa Infernal 2021

Garena Free Fire stands among the most successful Android and iOS battle royale titles in all aspects, including revenue and downloads. It was the second most downloaded mobile game in the Play Store and Apps Store 2021, with over 500+ million installations. 

Garena recently added a sixth Evo gun skin to Free Fire called the Destiny Guardian (for the XM8). Evo gun skins are unique as they are upgradeable in nature. Certain privileges can be unlocked with an increase in their level up 7. This includes a unique emote, special effects, hit effect, kill animation, and even visual appearance enhancements.

Free Fire new upcoming Evo gun Famous Sonrisa Infernal skin

Sonrisa Infernal

In all Faded Wheels in Free Fire, players will have to remove two items from the prize list that they don’t want to obtain. Next, they will have to make spins to receive one reward at random price pool.

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The duplicate items will not be repeated once they are received, thereby increasing the player’s chances of getting the grand prize. The cost of every subsequent spin will also rise and last spin price is 499 diamonds.

How many diamond cost per spin in Faded Wheel event?

1st spin – Free

2nd spin – 9 diamonds

3rd spin – 19 diamonds

4th spin – 39 diamonds

5th spin – 69 diamonds

6th spin – 99 diamonds

7th spin – 199 diamonds

8th spin – 499 diamonds

How to get Evo gun in Free Fire?

The new upcoming Famous Sonrisa Infernal Evo gun skin can be acquired by spending diamonds in the Faded Wheel, which commenced on September, 2021. The skin is up for grabs until October. Free Fire provides its userbase with an extensive range of attractive skins, bundles and other cosmetics.

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