Free Fire New Upcoming Event Faded Wheel New M1887 Gun Skin – Check out

Free Fire releases new event Faded wheel, as we all have seen Free Fire has been providing players a M1887 gun skin. In this article we are going to talking about Free Fire new upcoming events Faded Wheel.

FF faded wheel event is available at luck royale in the event section. This is a spin event where you get rewards by spinning the wheel using diamond. It all based on your luck where you can get your favorite reward in one spin or it takes more than that 8th spin.

Free Fire New Upcoming Faded Wheel Event New M1887 Gun Skin

New M1887 Gun Skin
New M1887 Gun Skin

Free Fire New Upcoming Event
Free Fire New Event

How to play in this event

You need to choose two items which you don’t want in beginning wheel. So, that you won’t win them during the spin.

The cost or number of Diamonds increases for every draw.

You need to spend diamonds to grab these grand prizes, the grand prizes are the new M1887 shotgun skin.

The items you received once will be removed from the prize pool to increase your chances of getting the grand prize with each spin and low amount of diamonds. But our expertise says that you are most likely to get the grand prize in the 8th spin only as you have to make a total of 8 spins to get all the items received.

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