Free Fire Next EVO Gun Skin UMP Booyah 2021 – Check out

Free Fire (FF) is about to get its OB30 update on September 28, 2021. This update will bring a lot of changes to the game, including a new Gold Royale Bundle. New Diamond Royale Bundle. Next EVO gun skin UMP. If you are a Free Fire enthusiast, you may check out the OB30 update new features leaks here.

Free Fire New Upcoming EVO gun skin UMP Booyah 2021

In this article we are going to talking about Free Fire new upcoming EVO gun skin called name is UMP Booyah 2021 this gun skin is coming to our free fire evo gun section.

New EVO gun skin

New UMP Booyah

The items will not be repeated once they are received already, thereby increasing the player’s chances of getting the grand prize gun skin. The cost of every subsequent spin will also rise to multiple.

How many cost of the per spin in EVO gun?

1st spin – Free

2nd spin – 9 diamonds

3rd spin – 19 diamonds

4th spin – 39 diamonds

5th spin – 69 diamonds

6th spin – 99 diamonds

7th spin – 199 diamonds

8th spin – 499 diamonds

Hence, players are guaranteed to obtain the new UMP Booyah 2021 gun skin for 933 diamonds or less.

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What is different between EVO gun skin and a normal gun skin?

Evo gun skins are unique as they are upgradeable in nature. Certain privileges can be unlocked with an increase in their level up to 7 level. This includes a unique emote, special virtual effects and even visual appearance enhancements and a unique look as compare to other gun skin.

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