Free Fire new map Nexterras photo and release date

As you all know that Free Fire is a very popular game and it has more than 500M downloads on Google Play Store and the creators of Free Fire revamp the game every month.

So friend this time a new map is coming in Free Fire named Nexterras Visuals and we will show you some pictures of this new map in today’s post.

Free Fire New Map Nexterras Visuals 

Nexterras Visuals Map

This map is going to be very colorful and you will also get to see trees and flowers in it all over this map is very beautiful.

New Map

In this map you will get to see some different types of buildings which are not in any map of Free Fire.

Free Fire New Map

Friends, the graphics of this map is very high, this map is full hd map, as it was Barmuda Remaster.

What is the release date of Free Fire new map?

So now this question must be coming in your mind that when this map will come in Free Fire game, then friend this map will come in the 5th anniversary event of Free Fire which is going to come on 27, August, 2022.

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I hope you like this beautiful information above Free Fire new upcoming map.

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