Free Fire Next OB35 Elite Pass Trailer Video – check out

Friends, this month is about to end, so the current Elite Pass of Free Fire will also be completed and a new elite pass will come because every month a new elite pass comes, you all know.

OB 35 has also been updated in Free Fire and now the new elite pass will come, so today I will show you the trailer video of the next elite pass of Free Fire.

Free Fire Next OB35 Elite Pass

Free Fire next elite pass

Guy’s First of all you see this is the next elite pass banner of Free Fire’s and you can see that there is a bundle of male and female.

Free Fire OB35 Elite Pass Trailer Video 👇

I hope you enjoy watching this video and you will like this information above Free Fire next elite pass.

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The pre order for this elite pass will be started on 30th july. You can order this and get many advances like 50 extra bages and many more.

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