How To Get Legendary M1887 gun skin in Free Fire

Free Fire is most popular mobile battle royale game in over the world, but recently 2021 Free Fire is removed from the Google Play Store and App Store.

Free Fire new event M1887 Spin, In this event you will be able to get all 4 rare skin of M1887 gun.

There are four new gun skins in the M1887 Spin event, which commenced on 3 July 2022 in Free Fire, and will be accessible to players until 10 July 2022. Gamers need to spend 20 diamonds just to make a single spin in the event, while five of these will be offered for 90 diamonds.

M1887 Spin Event

M1887 gun skins will be accessible only if the spin falls on the ‘Guaranteed M1887 Gun Skin,’ at which point the particular skin will be drawn from the inner circle of the wheel.

List of all M1887 gun skin coming in this event

Golden Glare M1887

Rapper Underworld M1887

Tropical Parrot M1887

Hand Of Hope M1887

How to get M1887 Legendary gun skin?

This event may cost a 5000 diamonds due to the fact that users are not guaranteed the M1887 skin after a set number of attempts. However, once the item from the inner circle is obtained, it will be removed from the pool. Thus, at least the M1887 skin will not be repeated.

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M1887 Spin Event Video

This event is now available Brazil servers and it’s coming to other server very soon.

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