Free Fire 5th Anniversary Rewards Top Criminal Bundle is here

Free Fire 5th Anniversary is drawing to closer and mobile gamers are excited to find out what a battle royale game has in store for them this time around. A new character will be introduced as part of the 5th Anniversary celebrations.

The 5th anniversary of Free Fire is approaching and it come with Top Criminal bundle is also coming back and there will be other criminal bundles like Green Criminal, Purple Criminal, Red Criminal, and others.

Free Fire 5th Anniversary Event Rewards Is Here

Free Fire 5th Anniversary

The 5th Anniversary of Fire Fire will see the return of 5 Bundles of Top Criminal with new Gloo Wall skin, new Emote, new Bike skin, and new grenade skin is coming.

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Free Fire 5th anniversary will be celebrated on 27 August 2022, and is expected to be the biggest celebration till the date.

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