Free Fire new upcoming Faded Wheel event in South America

Free Fire is most popular battle royale game and developer are also maintain the game and announce daily basis and weekly basis new event and offer new outfit and cosmetics.

In this this post we are going to talk about Free Fire new upcoming Faded Wheel in this new Faded Wheel event you will be get many new rewards.

Free Fire New Faded Wheel Event Today

FF New Event

This is the new Faded Wheel of Free Fire in this event you will be get lot of rewards and cosmetics and more stuff.

New Emote In Faded Wheel Event

Faded Wheel Event

You can see guy’s this is the new emote this emote is very cool and also come with special animation and effect.

New female bundle

New bundle

This is Free Fire new Faded Wheel event female bundle this is second prize of this event and first prize is emote and also get many other items like Perashute skin, Gun skin create, Pet skin, Diamond Royale Voucher, Backpack skin.

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Important note

This event is now available in only South American servers and I think this event is not coming in more. If this event is coming to other so reward are not same for all servers.

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