Free Fire tonight event Wheel Of Fortune – South American and USA

As you all know that Free Fire is a very popular game and people like to play it, so the developer of this game keep bringing some new event in the game everyday.

There is a new event coming in Free Fire game called Wheel Of Fortune. In this event you will get skin of Gloo Wall and bundle of Male and Female.

Free Fire new event Wheel Of Fortune Tonight Updates

Wheel Of Fortune

Rewards list

1: Gloo Wall skin

2: Male bundle
3: Female bundle
4: Pen skin
5: Grenade skin
6: Tow new gun skin

This is the banner of the WHEEL OF FORTUNE event arriving tonight for SOUTH AMERICA and USA. What do you think?

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This event is now available in South America and USA servers only, But there is a high chance that this event can happen on other servers also.

I hope you this great information above Free Fire new upcoming events visit also for more updates.

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