Megalodon Alpha Scar Evo gun skin is returne – Free Fire New Event

Free Fire is most popular battle royale game and developer are also maintain the game and announce daily basis and weekly basis new event and offer new outfit and cosmetics.

In this post we are going to talk about Free Fire Evo gun skin Megalodon Alpha Scar this is the first evo gun skin of Scar and it’s coming back to Faded Wheel event.

Free Fire Evo gun skin Megalodon Scar is return

Megalodon Scar Gun Skin

It is not always available within the game and the developers only provide them briefly. As a result, gamers are keep to acquire these skins at any cost of Diamond. The developers are back this time in SCAR – Faded Wheels with Megalodon Alpha along with several other cosmetic items.

Megalodon Scar

Free Fire Evo gun skin Megalodon Scar is return on South American servers this gun skin is coming on Faded Wheel event and it’s highest chance to come in other server.

How much diamond need for obtain Faded Wheel grand prize?

If you can use 1082 Diamonds, so users have been assured a permanent evo gun skin, as well as numerous other cosmetics such as a parachute skin, backpack, loot box, diamond royale voucher, and more, this is certainly a great bargain.

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