Free Fire Max new event Token Tower rewards list – (11 September, 2022)

Free Fire Max is one of the most popular Battle Royale in Mobile platforms Android and iOS and developer also released new in game event and updates now Free Fire OB36 is currently running.

Free Fire Max new event Token Tower in this event you will be get a chance to claim a bundle name is Azul Crema and also get a legendary and many more rewards.

Free Fire new event Token Tower 11 September, 2022

Token Tower

This event is now available in Latam server and highest chance to come in other server very shortly and also rewards is not same.

Token Tower event rewards list

Token tower

The first prize is a Token this token is help you to claim other rewards like bundle, emote, Room card and other rewards.

If you can get a bundle so you need to 4 token then you can redeem the bundle.

If you can get emote so you need to 3 token after you will be able to get a emote.


Free Fire Max new Lobby images and Wallpaper – check out

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