Elite Pass at 9 diamonds only Free Fire Max new event Wheel of Fortune – 2022

The Free Fire developers have listed a new event calendar on October 2022. In this event calendar, you will know which new event is going to come into the game this week.

Free Fire Max often introduces these kinds of events to keep the players hooked to the event. Meanwhile, the event has already gone live and will be available until 28 October 2022.

Hi, guys today in this post we are going to talk about Free Fire Max’s new event Wheel of Fortune in this event players are able to get up to 90% discount on Elite passes and other items and also some lucky players get everything only 9 diamonds including elite pass and cosmetics.

Free Fire Max Wheel of Fortune event today

Free Fire Max new event Wheel of Fortune
Free Fire Max new event Wheel of Fortune

This event is a luck wheel type event and in this, you need to spin the wheel first and see how you are lucky if your wheel is stopped on 9 diamonds so you will get everything is 9 diamonds, and if your wheel stop any other row like 60% 70% 80% 90% so you will be able to get discount according to your luck 60% to 90% discount.

Rewards list:

  • Elite Pass
  • Joker head backpack skin
  • Watermelon pan skin
  • New Horror costumes
  • Evo gun skin upgrade token box
  • And many more rewards.

This event is now available on the Latam server.

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