Here is Free Fire MAX! new Faded Wheel event today – October 2022

In the Free Fire MAX! game, there is another new event coming called name is the Faded Wheel event this is a spin-and-win event.

Free Fire MAX! new event today a Faded Wheel October 2022

Free Fire MAX! new Faded Wheel Event In Today
Free Fire MAX! new Faded Wheel Event In Today

There are a total of 10 items available including the new horse. Moreover, players can remove two unwanted items at the beginning which will increase the chances of getting the most popular items.

Reward list

  • 1. Horse surfboard skin
  • 2. Car skin
  • 3. Crossbow skin
  • 4. Evo gun skin upgrade token box x5
  • 5. Gun skin box x5
  • 6. Pet
  • 7. Again gun skin box x5
  • 8. Pet skin box x5
  • 9. Again box x5
  • 10. Incubator voucher x2

There is a total of eight spins will cost will be around 1082 diamonds. The best part is reward are will not repeat again and also like removed from the wheel so players can get their desired grand prize.

Note: This event is now available on the Latam server and this event is coming on another server very soon.

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