Here is the Free Fire Max new Faded Wheel event today 1st November 2022

Free Fire Max is the most popular Battle Royale on Mobile platforms on Android and iOS devices and this game has 500M + downloads, But recently Free Fire was banned in India and removed from Google Play Store and App Store but still, Free Fire Max is available in Play Store.

Today we will talk about the new event of Free Fire Max which is a faded wheel event in this event you will get a female costume and a emote called name floating like a ghost in a horror theme base on other items.

Free Fire Max new Faded Wheel event today 1st November 2022

Free Fire Max new Faded Wheel event
Free Fire Max new Faded Wheel event

In this event, you will get many premium rewards like a ghost floating to emote and a female costume, Surfboard skin, Parachute skin, and much more rewards.

This event is now available on the Latam server and this event is coming on other servers.

How to get rewards in Free Fire Max Faded Wheel event?

Step 1> Open Free Fire MAX and go to the Luck Royale section.
Step 2> Select the Faded Wheel which contains the newly launched Floating like a Ghost.
Step 3> Remove any two items and confirm the selection. Do not forget that the list cannot be changed once confirmed.
Step 4> Now make the first spins using 9 diamonds.

How many diamonds need to get all items?

They can obtain the all faded wheel items, including the primary rewards, by spending a total of 1082 Diamonds.

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