All you need to know about Free Fire new emote Baile Estelar 2022

Garena Free Fire’s newest emote, named Baile Estelar, has finally arrived in the in-game store for all players to purchase. The emote was teased earlier this week in a post on Free Fire’s official social media channels and is now available for all players to buy. The emote is a reference to the popular Baile Estelar meme and features the character dancing on top of a table.

In the world of online mobile gaming, a new emote has been added to the popular game Free Fire new emote Baile Estelar 2022. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. The new emote is called the Dab Emote and it is a way for players to communicate with each other. The Baile Estelar Emote is a way to show excitement, happiness, or even victory.

Free Fire new emote Baile Estelar 2022

This emote is coming on Free Fire World Series 2022 and this is a free reward Garena gave this emote to all players, this event is run from 28th November to 1st December 2022, now this event is run on the Latam server and this is also coming to other servers very soon.

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