FF news today: Free Fire 2 In 1 Incubator on December 2022

Free Fire is a popular battle-royale-style game set on a fictional island. Every day, players can participate in new events that have exclusive rewards. Most events have simple objectives, such as winning battles or collecting items. However, some events require more complex tasks.

Free Fire has just released a new event called the “Free Fire 2 In 1 Incubator”. Players can use their rewards from the event to exchange for exclusive in-game items. Completing the event is simple and straightforward. First, you will need to log into your Free Fire account on the game’s official website.

All you need to know about Free Fire 2 in 1 Incubator 2022

Free Fire new event 2 in 1 Incubator 2022
Free Fire new event 2 in 1 Incubator 2022

The success of the new Free Fire event has been met with enthusiasm from the gaming community. Many players are eager to learn how to complete the event and receive the rewards. In this guide, we will walk through the steps necessary to successfully complete the free fire event. We will also explain the rewards available for completion.

How to get Incubator bundle?

How to get Incubator bundle
How to get an Incubator bundle in 2022

You will need Tokens and Evo Tokens to get this Incubator Bundle. You will get Tokens and Evo Tokens when you top up Diamond.

If you top up 1 Diamond so you will get 3 red tokens.

If you top up 300 Diamonds so you will get 3 red tokens.

If you top up 500 Diamonds so you will get 3 red tokens.

The next event in Free Fire will see the return of the popular 2 In 1 Incubator. This time, there will be a number of changes to make the mode more exciting. The mode will be available from May 1st to Dec 7th, 2022.

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