Everything is here about Free Fire new event Fire Hour – 2022

Free Fire, the highly popular battle royale game, has recently released a new event called Fire Hour. The event is focused on rewarding players who play the game for a minimum of one hour with rewards such as diamonds, coins, and items. Along with the rewards, Fire Hour also introduces new game mechanics to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. Players have to collect points from randomly spawned flaming barrels across the map and complete tasks to get exclusive items.

In this Free Fire new event Fire hour you will get many rewards like Weapon Royal Voucher, Diamond Royale Voucher,Male and Female costumes, Room card and much more rewards.

Free Fire new event Fire Hour full information

Free Fire new event fire hour
Free Fire new event fire hour

In this event, you will get many at up to 50% discount on any items and outfits.

Free Fire new event Fire Hour rewards list:

Free Fire new event rewards list
Free Fire new event rewards list

Here we have listed all the rewards, you can see.

  • Male bundle
  • 5x Weapon royale voucher
  • 5x Incubator voucher
  • 5x Custom room card
  • Katana skin
  • Male bundle
  • Female bundle
  • Room card
  • Gloo wall skin
  • Emote
  • Car skin
  • Parachute skin
  • Backpack skin
  • Surfboard skin
  • Diamond royale voucher
  • And many more rewards

This event is now available on the Latam server and its also come to other servers like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and more.

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