Free Fire new upcoming bundle is OB38 2023 – Full list

Free Fire is a mobile battle royale game developed and published by Garena. In the game, players are dropped on an island and must fight to the death until only one player or team remains. Players can choose to play solo, in a duo, or in a squad of up to four players. The game is known for its fast-paced action and short match times.

Free Fire new upcoming bundle in OB38 2023 bundle is set to release in the near future and will include a variety of new items. Some of the items featured in this bundle are a new character, a new outfit, a new pet, a new gun skin, a new bundle back, and many more exciting items.

Free Fire new bundle in OB38 full list is here

Free Fire new upcoming bundle is OB38 2023 - Full list
Free Fire new upcoming bundle is OB38 2023 – Full list

You can see guys this is Free Fire new upcoming bundle in ob38 total of 40 new bundles including male and female bundles are coming into the game on January 2023.

Here’s some information you may find helpful. The OB38 update brings a variety of new content to the game, including a new character called, a new weapon, a new vehicle called the Flying Boat, and a new game mode called Clash Squad. In addition, there are also various bug fixes and improvements to the overall game balance.

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